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6 Key Takeaways to Help Your Practice

AMG Healthcare Patient Survey Whitepaper

AMG Healthcare’s Patient Survey Whitepaper provides 6 essential steps primary and specialty providers should take to enhance patient care and support practice growth in the era of COVID-19.

In today’s competitive environment, consumers have more options than ever to address their healthcare concerns.

With all of the mixed messages in the marketplace, AMG knew the healthcare community would benefit from a better understanding of what patients needed to know to take care of themselves and their families during the pandemic.

That’s why we recently asked 415 Alabama patients about their current sentiments, beliefs, and behaviors related to primary and specialty care—covering topics that included:

  • Personal awareness and behavior related to COVID-19
  • Behaviors related to routine care and appointments
  • The what and how of communication with their doctors’ offices
  • Decision-making about restarting doctor visits
  • Factors that affect making appointments
  • Willingness to use telemedicine
  • Plans for changing doctors and specialists
  • Propensity and timing regarding seeking new specialists
  • Factors in choosing one doctor or specialist over another
  • The type and location of advertising they viewed

In our new whitepaper,
Patient Care in the Pandemic,
we synthesize participant responses to provide:

6 key takeaways that every practice should consider to meet patient needs and remain competitive in the era of COVID-19.

Related steps that practice owners, managers and marketers can take to enhance care and support growth in these challenging times.

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