Patient Insights Unveiled

We launched a survey asking southeastern patients several questions about their healthcare, how they seek and chose primary and specialist care, and how they interact with practice advertising, websites, and appointment-setting channels.

2023 Healthcare Marketing Trends

From changes in consumer behavior to the post-cookie digital world, the challenges facing marketers present huge opportunities to expand growth and meet new demands.

Social Media Marketing Webinar

We presented a webinar on the importance of healthcare providers utilizing social media. Access the recording below!

Mobile Marketing for Healthcare Providers

Today’s mobile-first economy offers a unique opportunity for healthcare organizations that are ready and willing to make the most of the benefits it offers. Download our latest report with key findings.

Social Media Marketing for Healthcare Providers

72% of American adults reported using some type of social media in early 2021. Social media is not only a popular way to stay in touch with family and friends, but has also become an important source for news, information, shopping, and enjoying a sense of community.

Learn how to level up your social media strategy to gain and retain patients AND employees.

Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2022

In healthcare, the ongoing pandemic has had a major impact on both patients and providers on a number of fronts, perhaps forever changing patient expectations about how they access and receive care, contributing to the consumerization of healthcare that’s been growing ever since the industry started making its digital shift.

Learn how to adapt your marketing strategy to benefit from these changes. Download our latest whitepaper today.

The 4 Stages of Patient Acquisition

By understanding how prospective patients use digital tools, healthcare providers can integrate this knowledge into strategies that lead to effective patient acquisition. Let’s examine what recent research reveals in this context and how your organization can apply it to the four stages of patient acquisition.

2021 Marketing Outlook: What’s Ahead for Seniors & Home Health

We talked with our healthcare clients, researched healthcare trends and tapped into the top marketing channels to deliver a 2021 framework for seniors and home health marketing.

2021 Marketing Outlook: What’s Ahead for Healthcare Systems & Provider Networks

We used input from our healthcare clients along with research from healthcare trends and top marketing channels to compile this valuable resource.

Patient Care in the Pandemic

With all of the mixed messages in the marketplace, we knew the healthcare community would benefit from a better understanding of what patients needed to know to take care of themselves and their families during the pandemic.

That’s why we recently asked 415 Alabama patients about their current sentiments, beliefs, and behaviors related to primary and specialty care.

The Role of Branding and Thought Leadership to Help Referral-Based Practices Market Effectively

Practices that depend upon the traditional approaches to marketing through lunch-and-learn networking and word-of-mouth advertising are missing out on the full marketing potential at their fingertips. Instead, a direct-to-consumer approach is needed to help prospective patients select specific providers when they’re given the option to do so.