Although some believe influencer marketing may be losing steam, other experts say that’s definitely not the case. 

In its recent report, “Influencer Marketing 2022,” eMarketer says its forecast indicates that marketers based in the U.S. “will continue to increase their spending on creator partnerships” and notes that TikTok is gaining ground. 

One key stat cited was that “Instagram will continue to command the highest share of influencer marketing dollars, but TikTok will overtake Facebook in 2022 and YouTube in 2024.”

A new report from marketing giant Ogilvy concurs with the power of influencer marketing, noting that its value globally increased from $1.7BN in 2016 to $16.4BN in 2022. 

Importantly, the report reveals several influencer marketing trends that are expected to make a mark in 2023. One of them—Health Influence—may be of particular value for healthcare providers seeking to extend their reach. 

Key Influencer Trends for 2023

A press release describing the report underscores the power of Influence: “From hyper-localized communities and iCommerce to Artificial Influence and Subscription Services, Influence is set to create a New Order of Brands.”

The trends identified include:   

  • iCommerce—which Ogilvy refers to in the context of the “Influence economy.” 
  • Subscription services—which Ogilvy describes as a business model that will “define 2023, unlocking new revenue streams for creators that go beyond paid advertising.”
  • Artificial humans (in the form of AI)—which Ogilvy says are becoming “more real.”
  • Health Influence—”40% of people said information found on social media affects how they coped with a chronic condition, their view of diet and exercise, and their selection of a physician — so influencer selection is critical.”

The last is particularly valuable for healthcare providers—who can extend their reach by demonstrating thought leadership and expertise through various content marketing strategies, including the use of social media to support branding efforts.  

Authenticity: The Secret Sauce of Influencer Marketing 

When viewed in the context of the Ogilvy results, a critical component of influencer marketing is the integration of authentic stories from real people who have been positively impacted by the brand. 

Quoted in the Ogilvy release, Rahul Titus, Global Head of Influence for Ogilvy PR and lead author of the report, said: “Influencer marketing works because people trust people more than brands. Influence allows brands to connect with audiences in a way no other marketing can – with authenticity. As we head into economic uncertainty, it is imperative that brands are efficient and effective with their spend. Some of these influencer trends like grassroots influence, harnessing the power of hyperlocal, allows brands to circumvent mass-market sale models, and pinpoint their target audience in authentic ways to deliver a more streamlined and less fragile value exchange.”

“Influence doesn’t just have a seat at the table, it sits at the head of the table,” Titus added. “In an age when consumers are overwhelmed with content through multiple devices, Influence is the new ever evolving frontier of marketing. For consumers, authentic credibility has overtaken hard sales when it comes to increasing trust and growth. Those brands who get this right are poised to reap the benefits of an ever-growing creator economy. The future of Influence is around real people with real stories driving real impact. Own your conversation, or someone else will.” 

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