Depending upon the size of your organization and resources available, one of the most challenging aspects of developing a social media strategy may be answering the question, “Who’s going to do all of this?” It’s important to have a social media lead who is responsible for overseeing social media efforts in terms of planning, creating, posting, and monitoring social media accounts—all while ensuring compliance with regulations and the social media policy of the organization.

As you’re ramping up your social media efforts, here are a few additional tips to keep in mind: In terms of the messaging itself, it’s helpful to follow a well-planned content strategy using a social media content calendar to better focus your efforts instead of posting randomly without a plan.

Be sure to follow platform-specific best practices regarding written content, graphics, and videos.
Know the best time to post to achieve the most visibility and engagement. Different resources offer
various recommendations, but fortunately, Guide2Research compiled 2021 data from 27 of them in its
recently-published resource, “The Best Times to Post on Social Media: 2022 Studies & Statistics.”
Consider scheduling posts ahead of time to help lighten your load. Although some platforms provide
their own scheduling tools, you may want to consider a social media scheduling platform that offers a
single dashboard for multiple sites. Measure results so you’ll know what’s working and what’s not. As with scheduling, some social media platforms offer analytics tools, and many scheduling platforms do, too. Once you know how effective your efforts are, you can tweak them accordingly

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